'Griccia' è un termine usato dagli antichi tessitori della seta del xiv e xv secolo, indicante un fregio a sviluppo in genere verticale, come un tronco che sostiene elementi decorativi come l'ananas, la pigna e il melograno.

giovedì 24 febbraio 2011

Only in English – The Stylish Blogger Award

Since this is meant for the international community, I will write in English only, and my Italian followers will (I hope) forgive me.
I was so surprised the other day when reading this post: the lovely Aidan wrote some VERY nice words about my blog. Surprised and flattered. It took me a while to realize that she had rewarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award.
I know that it is not the same as the Nobel Prize, but it doesn’t matter: for someone who always got low grades at school, this is quite an achievement.
So, what I have to do now is write 7 things about myself, then choose 7 blogs that I want to forward the Stylish Award to. Let’s start:
1. Aidan made me curious, so I had to look  which Feng Shui element I  am: soft wood. It mainly means that I am fond of green wood, plants and flowers. Maybe this is why I love my orchids so much. Not that I am very good at keeping other kind of houseplants.
I also like to walk, if in the nature even more (although snakes frighten me to death and I am always very cautious, and if at all possible I will have 1 or 2 people walking in front of me).

2. I badly wanted to study ballet. I do not know why, my mother never sent me to ballet school. Now she doesn’t even remember that when my Grandfather gave me some money, I bought a pair of red satin ballet shoes and that after I had done my homework I would put some music on and dance for myself till I dropped exhausted. This is the only regret that I have and the only thing in my life that I would change.
I studied ballet later, I walked into a school when I was 47 but unfortunately it was too late to become a ballerina! (Photo: Degage Dancewear Shop)

3. I had to give up ballet because  I have many problems with my back. It happened a few weeks ago that I went to a Fundraiser Valentine Dance where this group was performing L’Atelier de Danse. They dance historical dances and the evening’s theme was Rag Time Dances. I danced all night and I am going to attend this school in the near future. I want to learn how to dance the Maxixe: 

4. As years pass I give more and more value to feminine friendship. I met some extraordinary women in the past years, whose wisdom, humanity and honesty I admire. They give me support when I need it, they listen to my troubles, they give me advice but most of all, we laugh together. Some of them lived in Florence for a while, then left; some others I met when abroad, and some live in Florence. It is a net.

5. I am madly fond of Indian cooking. I went a few times to India with my mother, we have been to extraordinary places where there are no tourists, I learned to eat with my fingers (it didn’t take long), to quarrel with a tuk-tuk driver, to bargain prices. It was fun, fun, fun, a country where I feel at ease and that I would like to know more.

6. There was a time in which I was so insecure that I only wore dark blu, grey and brown. This saddened my paternal Grandfather, who wished the I would dress in brighter colors. This is what I do now, I try to put color not only in my life but also on myself. The epitome was the Solstice Cardigan: I think that I never had anything flashier than this.

7. The definition of ‘stylish’ that i found on the web is: having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress.
I agree, It doesn’t depend on fashion for me. The blogs that I find stylish, that I have been following for a while, and to whom I am passing the award are hereunder, in no particular order:

Neki Desu @ A movable feast for her extraordinary expertise in dyeing and  weaving. Sometimes I do not understand what she means, and I am begging her to give me a class but she is too modest to accept.
Ellen @ LA is my beat who is an indefatigable  crocheter (among many things) that I read with enormous pleasure also because she keeps me updated about what is going on in Los Angeles
Ingrid @ The fable of the Table who took my hand and is leading me into a photographic adventure, where I am able to ‘meet’ with some other welcoming and fun people that I would have never met otherwise
Astrid @ Red Red Completely Red : I can not believe that she can post so much around ‘red’ and on a variety of topics (she has a little girl to whom I lost my heart)
Selina @ Selina’s Vintage, the very talented Selina  of the Great Stocking Swap who opened another door on the world of creativity for me
Kirsty @ You had me at Bonjour who makes me laugh and inspires me in other ways
Rachel @ Squiggly Rainbow a young, very busy mother with a big heart and lots of energy

There are so many others that could be on this list, but I can only list 7. Girls, now it is your turn to pass the award.
And, once again: thank you to Aidan!

6 commenti:

  1. Thanks for the blogger award, Blandina!!

  2. Thanks Blandina!

    I am very jealous of your travels to India. I would love to go to India one day!

    Selina xx

  3. What a blessing - thankyou so!

    I to would have loved to be a ballerina. After a few years as a child, I had to give up to an injury and my mum couldn't afford lessons for me.

    My Miss G has the gift and is truly an amazing dancer. She is doing Grade 5 in Cecchetti this year.

    Love to you xo

  4. Thank you! What an honour. It's lovely getting to know you through your photos each day. xx

  5. So interesting to find out more about you! You certainly deserve your award. I love your thoughtful perspective on life, and you do have tons of style!

  6. congratulations blandina, it was lovely to read some facts about you. you are a brave, accomplished and talented woman. I love the frequent references to your mother and grandparents. well done and well deserved