'Griccia' è un termine usato dagli antichi tessitori della seta del xiv e xv secolo, indicante un fregio a sviluppo in genere verticale, come un tronco che sostiene elementi decorativi come l'ananas, la pigna e il melograno.

sabato 7 maggio 2011

Biscotti alle nocciole - ‘Hazelnut cookies’

Ho fatto una sorta di esperimento, si vede che le stelle mi erano favorevoli perché questi biscottini sono assolutamente deliziosi, facili e veloci da fare.

1 uovo
300 g farina
100 g nocciole sgusciate, tostate e tritate grossolanamente
150 g zucchero (mi piacciono poco dolci, caso mai aumentate lo zucchero a 200 g)
150 g di margarina o burro a temperatura ambiente
1 pizzico di sale, un po’ di vanillina
1 cucchiaino raso di lievito
acqua o latte, quanto basta per tenere insieme l’impasto

Mescolare tutto insieme, ancora meglio se in un mixer. Non aggiungere troppo liquido, l’impasto dev’essere ben sostenuto. Fare una specie di cilindro aiutandosi con un pezzo di pellicola, chiudere bene e mettere in frigorifero per circa 1 ora.
Tagliare poi il cilindro in fette alte 1 dito, metterle sulla teglia e cuocerle per circa 25 minuti a 180°C.
Ne vengono circa una ventina.


I made a kind of experiment and probably the stars were looking upon me because these cookies are absolutely delicious, easy and quick to make.

1 egg
300 g flour
100 g shelled hazelnuts, toasted and roughly ground
150 g sugar ( I like not too sweet cookies, in case increase the sugar to 200 g)
150 g margarine or butter at room temperature
a pinch of salt, a little vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of baking powder
water or milk, just enough to keep the dough together

Mix all the ingredients, much better if in a food processor. Do not add too much liquid, the dough should be rather stiff. Using cling film, shape a kind of cylinder, close well and refrigerate for about 1 hour.
Cut the cylinder in slices about 1 finger high, put on a baking try and bake for about 25 minutes at 180°C.
You will obtain about 20 pieces.

Nel corso della mia uscita ieri mattina, sono capitata in un ufficio dalla cui finestra si godeva questa vista: i tetti di Firenze sono, a mio avviso, i più romantici del mondo.

During my errands yesterday morning, I went into an office and from a window I capt  ured this: the roofs of Florence are the most romantic in the world.


Se vi interessa vedere cosa fanno altre donne nel mondo in questi gioni, andate da Kootoyoo
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  1. Oh yippee Blandine...another way to use my new food processor! And I just happen to have the toasted hazelnuts. This has now become this afternoon's project. The the photo of the roofs. I love to take photos of roofs as well. Reminds me of the chimney sweeps dancing on the rooftops in Mary Poppins!

  2. They sound great. I don't like my biscuits too sweet either - I bet these are to-die-for with a nice coffee.
    Roofs and windows, what is it about them that is so romantic? I can't get enough of them either. Especially the chimneys - not a lot of chimneys in Australia, especially old ones like this.

  3. I love hazelnuts, I'll have to try these!
    And what a beautiful place you live in! Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of Italy, but I'd love to travel there one day and see more.

  4. Mi ci sono messa anch'io in Kootoyoo!
    I biscotti fanno venire l'acquolina in bocca, domani ci provo e ti faccio sapere.

  5. These cookies look perfect.

    Your photo of the Florence rooftops sent me back to my year abroad there. I remember the rooftops more than just about anything. Strange but true.

    Aside from the food. I mean, who am I kidding...

  6. Hello!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and sorry it has taken me so long to return the favour. I've had a very busy few days!

    Your blog is lovely, and I'm excited to try out the cookies. If you wanted something else to bake, these brownies are brilliant:-



  7. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Blandina - they look really yummy !!!
    Must try them ... ^___^

  8. I love biscotti and have always wanted to try making it. Thanks for this recipe. Do you think it will work with almonds just as well. I've never been a huge fan of hazelnuts - although maybe the taste is good in these cookies?!