'Griccia' è un termine usato dagli antichi tessitori della seta del xiv e xv secolo, indicante un fregio a sviluppo in genere verticale, come un tronco che sostiene elementi decorativi come l'ananas, la pigna e il melograno.

venerdì 2 marzo 2012

Di carciofi e dottori - ‘Of artichokes and doctors’

Ho fatto ancora un po’ di ecodyeing. Per chi non lo sapesse questa tecnica di tintura utilizza materiali naturali, come foglie e spezie, con sistemi che hanno un basso impatto sull’ambiente, come la bollitura o l’esposizione al sole.
Una volta che i ‘fagotti’ hanno subito il trattamento, aprirli e vedere cosa è successo al tessuto è entusiasmante.
Mi piace la casualità che si ottiene e che i risultati molto spesso non siano permanenti nel tempo ha per me
poca importanza, perché io uso le macchie per ricamarci sopra.

I have attempted a little more ecodyeing. For those who do not know, this is a dyeing technique that utilises natural products, like leaves and spices, together with low impact processes like boiling or exposition to the sun.
Once the bundles have been through treatment, it is thrilling opening them to see what happened to the fabric.
I like the obtained randomness and I am not really interested if the results are not permanent since I embroider on the stains.


Questo l’ho ottenuto usando foglie di carciofo e tè, arrotolate in un pezzo di cotone oramai reso morbido come seta dall’uso. La foto non rende la ricchezza di sfumature tra il giallo, il verde ed il bruno. Una meraviglia.
L’ho poi montato in una copertina per il diario che porterò con me in Giappone (mancano oramai 6 settimane alla partenza).

Here I have used artichoke and tea leaves, wrapped in a piece of cotton so old that it is as soft as silk. The picture is unable to show the richness of nuances passing from yellow to green and brown. Terrific.
I made a book cover for the journal that I am going to take to Japan with me (only 6 weeks before I leave).


Un’altra copertina l’ho fatta negli ultimi giorni per Brunella, che mi aveva dato un pezzo di tela con la quale aveva pulito i pennelli. Ricamare attraverso il tessuto reso duro dai colori non è stato facile, per cui ho dovuto limitarmi a pochi punti.

Lately I made another book cover for Brunella that gave me a piece of fabric that she had used to clean the brushes. It wasn’t easy to embroider on this fabric so hard because of the colours, therefore I had to use less stitches.


La settimana scorsa ho fatto la risonanza magnetica per vedere a che punto fosse la mia schiena, visto che ultimamente i dolori sono stati fortissimi. E’ venuto fuori che soffro di spondilo-artrosi.
Il mio medico, a cui ho portato la diagnosi ed a cui ho chiesto cosa potessi fare per migliorare la qualità della mia vita, mi ha detto seccamente:
‘Non c’è niente da fare, ringrazi il cielo che ancora può camminare e che non ha il cancro.’
Ovvio che sono grata che la situazione non sia peggiore, ma sono rimasta male, lo confesso, per questa brusca risposta, è il mio medico da venti anni e non mi aveva mai parlato così. Magari era solo dispiaciuto per me, e voleva trasmettermi il messaggio che mi devo tenere i miei dolori, e che potrebbe esserci di peggio.

Last week I had a magnetic resonance to see at what point is my back, since lately I had excruciating pains. It came out that I suffer from spondylo-arthrosis.
My GP, to whom I took the results and that I consulted to see what I could do to improve the quality of my life, very drily said:
There is nothing you can do, be grateful that you can still walk and that you do not have cancer.’
Obviously I am grateful that the situation is not worse, but I have to confess that I was taken aback by this abrupt answer, he has been my GP for the last 20 years and he never spoke to me so.
Maybe he was only very sorry for me and wanted to give me the message that I have to live with this pain, and that there could be worse.
Mi rasserena vedere che la primavera sembra alle porte e certe vetrine si vestono di nuovo.
It cheers me up that Spring is at the door and some shop windows seem to reflect it.

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  1. scusa ma il tuo medico ha una carenza di sensibilità enorme.
    le tue copertine sono una gioia però!

  2. Wow shocked about your Dr. being so ebrupt. Sorry to hear about your back & being in pain. Maybe there is some kinda of alternative medicines to help? I do love your book covers. I never thought to repurpose my paint 'rag' in such a way. Beautiful books!

  3. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis and for the way in which your doctor spoke to you . You don`t deserve to be treated in this way Blandina. I hope you are not in too much pain. I love your work as ever - you are so inspiring. Hugs.

  4. Sono molto contenta del mio copri quaderno, Inizierò ad usarlo nei prossimi giorni.
    Per quanto riguarda il tuo medico lo trovo effettivamente un po' brusco, o forse sarebbe più adatto un altro termine...
    Concordo con la ricerca di medicine alternative. Forse prima del tuo viaggio potresti sentire Paolo così da non soffrire troppo durante il volo.

    1. I love your results with the fabric. Sorry to hear you are in pain. Perhaps your dr was having a bad day himself

  5. Goodness, I think your GP needs to work on his bedside manner. Unbelievable! I hope you can find something - exercises, magnetic mattress underlay, massage, diet - something to ease your pain. You must do some internet exploring I think and see if you can find something that works for you. One doctor doesn't necessarily know it all!
    I love your works here, and so clever to repurpose a cleaning rag - I also would never have thought to do that. I love how you see the potential in all things, you are so clever!

  6. Hey Blandina, great bookcovers........I love the stitching along with the paint or dyes from the plant materials.
    Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis and the way in which this news was delivered to you...........

    What a beautiful Spring display, I'm sure warmer weather and sunny days will lift your spirits immeasurably.

    Claire :}

  7. Dear Blandina,
    Iam so sorry to hear about the diagnosis,but there must be some solution somewhere. Iam going to look around and see what I can find.

    P.s I love that first book cover.The embroidery and the backing fabric makes it very special.

  8. Your book cover is lovely, you must be very excited about your trip, it's not far away now. I'm sorry to hear that you are in pain with your back I do hope that there is something you can do to relieve it. Sometimes doctors are very insensitive, perhaps he was having a bad day. Have a wonderful week:)

  9. onesmallstitch4 marzo 2012 18:13

    Dear Blandina, I am shocked about the diagnosis (one of my sons has a similar problem) and angry at your Dr.- Drs. don't get to have that kind of a "bad day" with patients. Can you ask for a second opinion?? If you have access to a good practitioner acupuncture can help with the pain.
    I love your covers and can't wait to see them. Gentle hugs.

  10. Beautiful ecodying, haven't seen it before and it looks lovely.

    Thanks for the birthday greetings, sorry for the Swedish recipes... ;-)

    Take care!

  11. I am so sorry to hear that you've been in so much pain and to hear a diagnosis like that...I am sorry that your doctor was so insensitive in delivering the news. I hope you will find ways that will help you not suffer as much pain, keep us posted.
    What you did with the fabrics is stunning, I love your embroidery and the way you use the paint cloth in an original way. You have such a good eye for seeing possibilities in fabrics and creating art with them.
    I can't wait for spring either, what a stunning window display!

  12. Your ecodyeing is lovely - and your doctor is not. GP's apparently spend only a few days studying the musculo-skeletal system, and know very little about pain. He should have referred you to a specialist. Yoga can help, there is a lady in my class who has spinal stenosis, a lot of pain, and the teacher is very knowledgable about poses that can help her and what to avoid. Walking is also very good. Just keep moving, gently. And your creative work will help too - bet you don't hurt so much when you are stitching. And this might sound nuts - but do they have medical marijuana in Italy? There are varieties available that relieve pain but don't get you high.
    Remember that some days will be better than others, and to always treat yourself kindly and gently. And hopefully find a doctor who treats you that way too!

  13. gorgeous cloth and stitching. I am trying to do that bit of walking each day.
    I hope that you will get a second opinion and find ways to relieve your pain, I'm so sorry.

    Also, my favorite Seattle artist is in Florence right now, maybe you can visit her work?

  14. Your situation may have been worse, but your GP is the king of insensitivity...