'Griccia' è un termine usato dagli antichi tessitori della seta del xiv e xv secolo, indicante un fregio a sviluppo in genere verticale, come un tronco che sostiene elementi decorativi come l'ananas, la pigna e il melograno.

mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

The iPad!

DSC01880E’ arrivato ieri. Ho pensato a lungo prima di comprarlo sia per la spesa, sia perché per la mia scarsa propensione alla tecnologia ne sono intimidita. Ho un cellulare molto semplice ed essenziale, dico ridendo che è un prototipo medievale, ma soddisfa tutte le mie esigenze ed in più me l’hanno regalato i miei figli. Dunque passare all’iPad mi dà pensiero.

Ieri sera ho giocato un po’ col mio nuovo acquisto, meravigliandomi alla semplicità di utilizzazione (grande Steve Jobbs). ‘Mamma, è intuitivo’ mi disse per incoraggiarmi Primo Figlio, la prima volta che ne abbiamo parlato insieme qualche mese fa.

Mi sono decisa perché penso che l’iPad mi sarà utile durante i miei viaggi. Sono curiosa di vedere se riuscirò a tenere aggiornato il blog, c’è che dice di no, mi è stato consigliata l’app Blogsy: qualcuno mi può dare un’opinone per favore?

It arrived yesterday. I thought it over before buying the iPad first because of the expense and then because I feel very intimidated thanks to my  limited penchant for technology . I have a very simple and essential cell phone, I like to laughingly say that it is a medieval prototype, but it is perfect for my necessities and what is more important, my children gave it to me. Therefore going to use an iPad is worrying.

Yesterday evening I played for a while with my new purchase, marveling at how simple it is to use (great man Steve Jobs). ‘Mamma, it is intuitive’ told me as an encouragement First Son, when we spoke about this possibility some months ago.

I then took the decision because I think that the iPad will be useful during my trips. I am also curious to see if I will be able to update my blog, I was told ‘no way’, I read that that the app Blogsy is working well, is there someone able to give me an opinion please?


Dunque sto per aprire una nuova porta sul mondo, mi ispirerà com questa vista in un mucchio di rifiuti? Ma come si fa, dico io, a buttare una simila meraviglia…
Therefore I am going to open a new door on the world, will this new door be as inspiring as this one seen on the garbage heap? How is it possible to throw away such a textured beauty…

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  1. how wonderful that you will have that for your trip. i have seen people post to their blog with their ipad but i don't know details. i have the kindle fire. have fun.

  2. I am waiting for t a new ipad. I look forward to hearing of your progress re blogging especially. I want to see every day of your trip.

  3. I'm sure you will love it! But I don't know about posting to my blog using it so I'm off to explore Blogsy.

  4. onesmallstitch14 marzo 2012 23:12

    oh, well done. No help here, I don't have a clue. I made a decision not blog while away, want to enjoy all of what Japan has to offer and will post lots when I get home. We are going to be so busy at the workshop I'm wondering if there will even be time to sleep!

  5. Davvero, ma come si fa? Non te la sei caricata in spalla e portata a casa?
    Per l'iPad hai tutta la mia ammirazione!

  6. i love old doors & that is sad! hopefully someone will rescue it.
    as for the ipad- you are brave. i know so little about technology.

  7. Awesome! We got one at the start of the year and I love it. I don't use mine for blogging though as I need to do all my photography stuff on the desktop, so no point 'double handling'. It is great for social surfing (I can sit on the couch with everyone rather than tucked away in the study), reading magazines (my bookshelves will be clean again without paper magazines) and as you have said, travelling. Enjoy!

  8. Io ce l'ho da fine dicembre e ne sono innamorata. Non l'ho mai utilizzato per il blog se non per fare commenti e per navigare ma sono curiosa di capire come farai tu perchè a me mio figlio ha detto "no mamma, non si può" ma forse non aveva voglia di insegnarmi. Ho scaricato tutte le mie riviste preferite, libri, musica ma non ho ancora approfondito bene tutte le sue possibilità. Aggiornaci sui tuoi progressi.

  9. oh! sei caduta! io invece resisto eritreamente.
    marito-san sta vedendo uno per lui però.

  10. Like you I have a cell phone that is medieval, but I am completely addicted to my iPad. In the evening on the couch I forget watching TV because I alternate my crocheting with playing with my iPad.
    I wish you much enjoyment with yours and I am sure it will be very usefull for you during your journeys.

  11. My cell phone used to be medieval, I was given a smart one, but still use it very basically. But I can't live without my Ipad. Right now, I'm on y way to Bcn, with a crchet magazine, several logs to read, several news agaeines to read, some online courses to catch up with, all this in my handbag...
    Re Blogsy, I Needed sometime to figure out how it works, but was qute able to post on my blog. However, I still prefer to pst from my PC.

  12. Congratulations on your iPad and the new technology that you will love. I have iPhone and I'm loving it. I'm waiting for someone to convince me if I need iPad as well as iPhone! Jean might be right, there might not be time to sleep on the tour. Don't worry, you can dose off on that massage chair Bryan has it ready for you!!!

  13. I was thrilled to see the jar of preserved lemons that you have made--and grazie tanto for linking to SpiceLines where the recipe can be found. The lemons should be ready before you leave for Japan so perhaps you will be able to try the risotto!